Monday, June 15, 2009

Say What?

Yes, well...tonight has been an interesting evening. I found myself doing something I truly NEVER...EVER do: my nails. Perhaps that's not exactly the truth. I think when I was 4 or 5 I might have asked my parents for nail polish on my birthday but since then, I can pretty safely say no, haven't done them.

I've just never been a girl into make-up and nails...forget polish and emery boards. The most attention my nails get is a rough cut with clippers when I start to see white emerge at my fingertips. For me, less has always been best. Couldn't tell you why, that's just me.

So tonight, when I find myself spending not an inconsequential amount of time doting on my nails, you can begin to appreciate the strangeness of the situation. And the only reason I even have the accoutrements for such a job is because at some point in time my mom gave them to me as a gift, perhaps hoping that would excite me into doing them on a more regular basis.

So back to why I am doing my nails in the first place (...oh yes, it gets worse). I'm sitting there, looking at my newly done nails (which, I might add, are done in a simple coat of clear shocking shade of fuchsia or bubblegum pink. I can hear mom now...something about "a little colour") and I'm thinking they're not bad. I like them. And then I think about how lovely my hand would look with a very special ring of mine.

It's an heirloom ring I came across, fell in love with and bought about 13 years ago. My ex-husband hid the ring away until he proposed and so it became my engagement ring. When we got married, we decided to buy a matching wedding ring and band, setting aside the heirloom. When we divorced four years ago, all three rings were put away and have been left to collect dust in one of those 'special' tucked away spots that eventually you know you'll forget about altogether, it being such a 'special' hiding place and all.

I don't know why I pulled it out tonight (or how I even remembered where I had put it), but here it is, on my manicured right hand, sparkling back at me (well not exactly 'sparkling'...could use a get the picture).

It kind of ties into the whole 'live life now...go after what I want...get out of my comfort zone' I'm in. In the spirit of "build it and they will come" I realized (with a bit of a shock) I was subconsciously preparing my nails for another ring (one day - not today, not even tomorrow - so no need to get all silly on me now). Sometimes I wonder about myself. And that's all I'll say about my crazy behaviour.

Except for...

Silly? No question...absurd really.

Hurting anyone? Absolutely not.

Anything to it? Well how fun would that be if there was? And if not, I have a beautiful ring on my finger that I will enjoy every day.

Life is short. Wear your party dress!

What have you tucked away that you could be enjoying today?

Ciao for now,


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