Thursday, June 11, 2009

Primed & Ready For What???

I'm feeling a sense of urgency every day now it somehow time is running out to get on with things. Specifically, to get on with the business of living my life.

My dad has just come home from weeks in the hospital with a very long road ahead of him. My sister-in-(common)law is awaiting a call that will send her back to the hospital for her second brain surgery. A very close friend of mine is grieving the untimely death of a friend.

We all know that life is short and so incredibly uncertain and yet so many of us (speaking of myself primarily) continue to play it safe and put off plans to enjoy life. There are a number of reasons why I have been playing it safe over the last two years. I know them all intimately. I understand each of them. And while they served me in the short term, life is giving me the kick I need to wake up and recognize that they are no longer doing so. The fact is, I am (we all are) running out of time.

I am starting a book by Stephen Levine called "A Year To Live: How To Live This Year as If It Were Your Last" ( If ever there was a year to read it, it would be this one.

I'll be writing about my thoughts related to this book and about the changes I decide to make moving forward. Let the adventure begin! Care to join me?

More to come...

Sonja (a.k.a. your clogger)

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