Friday, April 23, 2010

Humble Pie

I love it (meaning not at all actually) when I come back to read a past post of mine only to realize I wasn't ranting about anyone other than myself.

Disappointed with...myself.

Confused again.

Lack of patience guessed it, moi.

How incredibly frustrating...and so very humbling.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Enough Already

I am well overdue for a good rant.

I really try people, really I do, to be open, understanding and patient but do you have to test me at every f'n turn? Really? Is that absolutely necessary?

Do you really think "I'm sorry" is the panacea? The cure all?
Empty words is all I'm hearing.

Do you really believe that your crappy behaviour will be forgotten if you don't mention it and pretend it never happened?
How old are you? 6?

Do you really think you can get what you want without putting an ounce of effort into actually achieving it?

Keep on dreaming because that's the only time you'll have it.

Do you actually believe that putting your head in the sand will make everything go away?

Have another pitcher, my friend.

Do you really think that you can treat people the way you do and not expect that to come right back at you?

Get a grip.

Do you truly believe that if you withhold the truth people won't notice?

Give your head a shake.

Do you really think you are the only person out there struggling?

Of course you do, you self-absorbed ego maniac.

I realize we are all doing the best we can most of the time but today, as I look around, it's feeling like we're falling rather short.

And then, as I'm writing this, as if the universe is responding to my very question, I get a call from a friend who is working hard to do the right thing...full of fear and doing it anyway...and my faith in people is restored.

Sort of takes the wind out of my sails actually.