Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not As Easy As It Sounds

I'm working on my Top 34 List for my 34th. The idea is not my own but came from a good friend of mine who created one for her 40th this year. Sounds like fun, I thought. A great idea, right? Should be easy to list a mere 34 things I want to try, accomplish and experience in this next year, no?

The first 10 were easy...the next 6, a little more challenging...the remaining 18, yeah, I got nothin'. Surprising. I'm either a very easy girl to please or terribly unimaginative.

So I'm asking for your help. I would like to create an amazing 34th, full of new experiences, a lot of laughs, and many memorable moments (and who wouldn't?)...and why I can't think of (oh, wait...I just thought of another one! Adding it to the list moment please...) additional things to add, big or small, that could aid in this goal, I'm really not sure.

I've already got the big ones on there related to travel, work goals, writing something of consequence, making some kind of a difference (yadda, yadda) but, if I'm being honest, they're feeling a bit generic and, dare I say, boring...and I would prefer that my 34th year be anything but. True, there are indeed one or two on the list that are the polar opposite of boring...those, however, will not be making the 'published' list.

So tell me, what would be on your list? What have you done, or hope to do, that I may draw some inspiration from? The more creative the better. For instance, hiking Seymour before the sun is up, having breakfast on the peak and watching the sunrise. Cool, no question, but I've already done it. Skydiving? Amazing experience. Check. Done that too. Perform in front of 60,000 people? Yes, I have been lucky enough to do that as well. See what I mean?

In one respect, the act of creating this list has been a unique opportunity in itself to reflect and feel grateful for some very good times. But the question remains, what will I be reflecting on and giving thanks for this time next year?

What do you say? Can you help a girl out? The 'new year' is about to begin.


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  1. I think you should add to your list: being part of a big choreographed dance routine that is performed somewhere in public and is supposed to appear spontaneous. Like the "Do Ra Mi" in the train station.