Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things

Every now and again, when I stumble across something new (for me that is) and, I think, fantastic, I am hard pressed to keep quiet about it. Here's a few random things that bring me quite a bit of joy and are worth sharing:

National Geographic Traveler

For the aspiring adventure traveler within, armchair or otherwise. I love this site, the incredible photos and the great content. It gets me dreaming of far away, undiscovered places and new experiences. Perhaps one day I'll be a contributor? Dare to dream.

Campagnolo Restaurant in Vancouver

Hands down my new favorite restaurant in town. If you like simple, flavourful Italian food...authentic Italian, that is...and wines at a reasonable price in an unpretentious environment, this is a gem of a place. Whether I'm on a date, heading over after work to meet up with friends, or going in on my own in my most casual of attire, this is a place where I always feel at home. It has this great quietly trendy (in that not trying too hard kind of way), edgy feel about it. Yes, it's possible that edge of which I speak comes from its less than desirable location in the Main & Terminal area but, if you're in Vancouver, I hope you'll overlook that minor detail and give it a try. It's well worth it.

Nuvo Magazine

It's rare I come across a magazine that excites me. I'm just not a magazine girl, with the exception of the quarterly Canadian magazine Nuvo. First off, it's a visually stunning've got me at the very least picking it up at the newsstand. Second, it's Vancouver based (that was a pleasant surprise). And third, the writing is excellent - especially their book reviews, travel, art, food and wine pieces. It's a high quality magazine that I really look forward to reading.

The Music of James Morrison

What can I say, I actually tripped over his CD in HMV. I was in need of hearing some loud music walking home from work one day, wandered into the Robson store and it was the only headphone station available. I fell in love at first sound. I am in such awe of strong singer songwriters, especially when their words resonate so deeply. He's got a great mix of stuff on his "Songs For You, Truths For Me" CD...which I'm listening to right now actually. Good stuff. Pairs very well with a glass of red wine...but then, doesn't just about everything?

American Eagle Outfitters Favorite Boyfriend Jeans

I hate to shop and I especially hate to shop for jeans. They are one level below shopping for a bathing suit in my mind. I just don't find it to be an enjoyable experience myself. Until...da, da, da...I found the jeans at AEO's. They fit me perfectly and my new find - the Favorite Boyfriend style - is my favorite jean to date. It fits low-waisted, hugs the bottom in a loving way, doesn't grab the thighs in a death grip, and has a boot cut leg, which I love...because I wear a lot of boots. And the best part? They're $34 Cdn! I know! I was a smart girl this time and bought two different pairs. Love them! Can hardly wait for fall to arrive.

If you try any of my favorite things here, please be sure to let me know. I'd be interested in your thoughts. Hope you enjoy!

Ciao for now,


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